EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ) is a treatment that helps clients rapidly process past traumatic events.

Who should try EMDR?

If you have spent months or years in traditional therapy, and are looking for real change, then I strongly encourage you to reach out today and see just how transformative EMDR therapy can be.  I have helped over a 1,000 clients through this process and I am confident that it can create amazing changes in your life.

I am very passionate about this treatment having witnessed first-hand the amazing and transformative changes that are possible with EMDR.

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When traumatic events occur, they are stored in our central nervous system.  These memories get “stuck” in our system, along with the negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, body sensations relating to the original event or events.  Our brain is unable to process these events due to the traumatic and overwhelming nature of the experience, and therefore they stay stuck for years.  It is the fact; that this information is stuck in our central nervous system that very often causes the mental health symptoms, of depression, anxiety, nightmare, sleep issues, or relationship problems.  However, with right assistance, which EMDR therapy affords, clients are able to properly and safely reprocess these memories, reducing the symptoms they cause permanently.

“It is inspiring to watch clients who have been struggling for years, improve their quality of life in a short period of time. ”

– Peter Tumolo, LPC

Many clients have told me that they have spent years in talk therapy with little to no results, and have seen more success in just a few EMDR therapy sessions then they have in years of talk therapy.  Just talking about the past problems, does nothing to process the stored information in our nervous system.  When we can help clients truly process this information, we see significant improvements in their mental health functioning.

What exactly is EMDR?

EMDR Therapy  is advanced form of therapy that uses bi-lateral stimulation, in the form of eye movement or tactile stimulation which helps the brain access it nature processing ability.   EMDR seems to unlock the central nervous system and help the client reprocess the traumatic memory in a safe setting.

EMDR works to break up this information and process it into the long-term memory.  When this process is successful the client can still remember the event, but not re-experience it.  After a successful EMDR session, a client can recall the details of the event, however the negative thoughts, feelings or body sensations are no longer present.  Many clients tell me, “It’s just not a big deal anymore” or “the memory does not hold any power over me anymore”.   Because the memory has been completely processed, the chance of symptoms returning (recidivism) is very low.  As a result, the client no longer must merely “cope” with the symptoms, but they are truly healed at the root cause

Are other options available?

EMDR can be applied across a regular schedule, including weekly sessions to work on facing past memories. I also offer more intensive sessions, up to 9 hours within a week, to dive deep into past memories to overcome their hold. These more focused sessions can be critical to moving forward, though often come after exploring your personal situations through more routine sessions.

Rates & Insurance


  • Hourly Session Fee: $175
  • Hourly Emergency Session (next day/same day appointment) Fee: $200
  • 9 Hour weekday Intensive: $2400
  • 9 hour weekend Intensive: $3200


  • I am an Out of Network provider. I can submit claims on your behalf and you may be eligible to recoup out-of-pocket expenses.

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